Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Egg

I recently purchased several yards of wood chips, for use in the garden paths and as mulch about the yard. It was delivered via dump truck, unceremoniously plopped on our front driveway (as per prior arrangement). It took a couple of weeks but this morning Patty used up the last of it.

And found this buried in the pile.

An egg. Of what we do not know.*

Very odd.
🥚  🥚  🥚

* Our friend Barb thinks it might be a turkey egg. The brown spots are stains from the wood pile. Leave your guess in the comments.


Rosanne Bornholdt said...

I think it’s a snake egg. https://sciencing.com/identify-snake-eggs-4866367.html

MevetS said...

The shell was brittle, not leathery as with a snake egg (as per the site you provided a link to). So it seems it was a bird egg.