Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hope Springs ...

We had Bluebirds in the yard last winter. So I installed two Bluebird boxen in the hope they would nest here. One went unused. The other was home to a brood of Carolina Chickadees. A pair of Bluebirds have been visiting our feeders daily, so maybe this year?

We had several Prothonotary Warblers in the yard last fall. Six at one time even!

So now we have Prothonotary Warbler nest boxen in the yard and in the state forest behind our place.

It may not be obvious from the image above and the next two below, but the South Branch of the Rancocas Creek gets its start in the woods behind our place. These birds like wet woods and the boxen are placed on water's edge.

We suspect that these warblers are already nesting in the area and have been told that historically this has been the case. And as mentioned we have seen them in the yard.

We're just hoping that with these boxen we increase the chances we'll see them. Especially with the box shown below.

Which we've placed on the edge of our back pond.

These warblers should be arriving in our area any day now. Our fingers are crossed that they will decide to stay.

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