Wednesday, April 25, 2018

X ...

... marks the spot.

Flying home from my trip out west to Redrock Country, I spotted this out the (dirty) airplane window.

A big "X" right there on the clouds.

Alas, being on a moving airplane did not afford me the ability to investigate just what exactly the "X" was marking. It must be something important for such a big "X"! But I was able to acquire the coordinates on my GPS, should I, or you, wish to explore further.

Good luck should you go searching!


And then just a little bit later there was a big target on the cloud tops.

Alas, such targets move along with the plane, so no coordinates this time. You'll need to parachute directly in to explore this one.


The big X, as I'm sure you've realized, is the shadows of two contrails; planes headed in perpendicular directions. And the target is glory. But it is fun to imagine the cloud tops as a fantastic landscape just waiting to be explored. And I've been doing so since my first plane rides many years ago. If you do go exploring, be sure to dress warmly, as it is cold out there in the clouds!

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