Sunday, April 8, 2018

Yard Critter of the Week

Pine Warbler.

And so it begins ...

Migration that is.

Every year about this time Pine Warblers show up in our yard.

And I've pictures of them at the suet feeders from March 2015, ...

... 2017 ...

... and April 2018.

I'm sure I would have gotten pictures in March 2018, had I not been in Utah the last week of the month, which is when they arrive. And in 2016 we were off in Ecuador at the end of March and Central Pennsylvania at the start of April (a fair trade methinks) and didn't see a Pine Warbler until September, as they were migrating south.


In the four years we've lived here at Piney Place, we've had twenty species of warbler visit the yard. Some that stay. Some just passing through. And that's just one group of the birds that pass through (our yard list is up to 113 species). And so far this year we've seen fifty-one different species of bird in the yard.


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