Sunday, July 17, 2016


It rained yesterday. It rained a lot. Thunderstorms. With hail. The power went out twice, albeit for just minutes each time.

But the storms were very localized, seemingly centered on our place. So after a morning working in the yard, we then spent the rest of the day in the house, watching the storms (thankfully, it was too hot to be working outside). Which had pretty much ended by evening.

So of course, after dark we went looking for Spadefoot Toads. Conditions we prefect, hot and humid, with occasional showers.

The first place we went looking they didn't get any rain. It was just ten miles south of us. The Spadefoots, and other frogs and toads, use rain as a cue to move. We used the lack thereof as our cue.

At the second place they had rain. And we may have heard some. But we did not see any.

We had to be satisfied with these.

Green Frogs and Southern Leopard Frogs. We also heard Northern Gray Tree Frogs, Pine Barrens Tree Frogs, and Carpenter Frogs.

All of which we can see and hear in our yard. But the Spadefoot Toad continues to elude us. So w'll just have to wait until the next rain storm. And again go wandering the back sand roads looking for a creature that spends most of its time in the ground, only appearing when it rains.

Wish us luck!

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