Monday, April 25, 2016

Not Fun

In the "There Goes The Neighborhood" post I ended with the line, "It will be fun to watch this unfold."

It turns out "fun not included".

When we came in to work on Monday the nest was empty. The geese, nowhere to be seen.

I have to assume the building management company destroyed the nest. Now, the title of the previous post was a subtle play on the perception of Canada Geese as pest birds. And, like deer, there are too many of them in New Jersey these days.

But this is sad never-the-less.

But all is not lost. Around the other side of the building, right outside the door, we have:

Curiously, dad is nowhere to be found.

Maybe, just maybe, it will be fun to watch this unfold.

1 comment:

Chesney said...

LOL They never go far...looking forward to more of your story!