Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day Life

The trail cam is a tireless device, shooting all night and all day, twenty four/seven. Snapping away whenever there's movement in its field of view.

So we see that despite not seeing them while we are at home, turkeys do continue to visit.

Sometimes lots of turkeys. We had been wondering where they were.

Last year we saw plenty of turkeys, both in the morning before we left for work and in the afternoon when we got home. This year we have seen very few. It's good to know they are still around.

And there are squirrels.

And, surprisingly, sometimes turkeys and squirrels.

I write "surprisingly" as in the past the squirrels hightailed it out of here when the turkeys came to call. Apparently they've overcome their fear of the much larger visitors.

And rabbits. But only one at a time.

The only other mammal that was captured on silicon was this chipmunk (center of the image near the bottom of the wood post).

We've several that visit the bird feeders, often at the same time, stuffing their cheeks with seed. So it is curious that we only got a couple of images of this one individual.

And again surprising but happily missing are deer. Our fingers are crossed that it stays that way.

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