Monday, April 11, 2016

Ducks on the Pond

After seeing Mrs. Ducky Lucky had returned we waited to see if Mr. Ducky Lucky would as well. And we wondered if there would be two female mallards, as was the case last year.

And then one day we noticed he, or a reasonable facsimile, was back.

And we saw them not only on the pond but also in the ditch in front of our house, which is new this year (the ditch is old; ducks in the ditch is new).

And then one rainy evening I noticed two male mallards, walking in the side yard toward the back pond. So Patty grabbed an umbrella and we headed out to take a look.

And we saw this (sorry, a zoomed in iPhone video). It's spring, and a young duck's fancy turns to love. Which, as you can see, can get a bit intense.

Since then, we've only seen one male mallard attending Mrs. Ducky Lucky.

Update: Since I'd written the above we saw this:

Damn Tree Shadow
Two males and no female.

To be continued ...

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