Sunday, September 27, 2015

Feeder Bird

Kinda big for the feeder though (and it's a big feeder).

A red-shouldered hawk.

We don't get many hawks at the feeder. We get them in the yard, including red-shouldered hawks, just not at the feeders.

This one spent some time looking around the yard. But there wasn't much going on

Then a bit of scratching.

 Seems to have a bit of a dandruff problem ...

Shake it ...

... shake it ...

... shake it off!

That's a lot of cruft that came flying out.

And after that bit of grooming the bird off to parts unknown. Not what I expected to see when I glanced out the kitchen window at lunch time.


Maybe it shouldn't be so unexpected ...

Kitty cat woke me up early Sunday morning, hungry. And as I was getting him food I noticed something big on the ground outside the kitchen window. Not having my contacts in I reached for my binoculars. Of course, they were in the bag where I left them from yesterday's outing (a topic future post no doubt). After retrieving them I found the bird was on the fence around the fish pond. But not for long. Off it flew.

So I put in my contacts, made my coffee, grabbed my bins and went out to enjoy the morning on the deck. And the bird flushed. Flying from the ground to the perch shown above (kindly waiting as I went inside to get my camera).

After posing for a couple of images the bird flew off.

And I went to investigate.

By the fish pond.

And back by where it flushed.

Now this is circumstantial evidence for sure. I did not see the bird eating. Nor did notice anything in its talons. And there was that coopers hawk, a known bird-hawk, in the yard this past week.

Hmmm ...


Bye-bye ...

... for now.

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