Tuesday, September 29, 2015

And the Clouds Parted, Again

A total lunar eclipse. Of the super moon.

And the forecast called for clouds. And maybe rain.

But still I kept checking, repeatedly stepping outside on the deck. Each time seeing clouds. Bummer.

Until this.

The moon, with as my friend Russell says, a bite out of it.

But the clouds were not giving up without a fight.

Clouding ...

... clearing ...

... and clouding. A recurring theme throughout the event.

Slowly, with clouds ever looming, the moon continued, oblivious to the desires of those watching, on its path into the earth's shadow.

The sunlit edge becoming thinner and thinner.

Until the inevitable occurred. Totality.

And the stars came out.

Including that one at ~ 3:30 that came out from behind the moon (as always, click on the image to bigafy it).

As the moon slowly drifted by.

And eventually it ends, as the opposite limb beginning to brighten. Not long after this the clouds came back. And I headed off to bed. Happy that for just long enough the clouds parted. And the wonders of the universe showed through.


Here's what I saw the last time the clouds parted.

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LauraHinNJ said...

Nice pix! This was pretty cool to see "in person", also. Always amazes me the number of people who come out to see the moon because Facebook (or some such) tells them too (myself included!)