Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Boat Ride in Kenya, Part 2

More from my first full day in Africa.

First we have two cormorants.

The Long-tailed Cormorant is an African native.

While the Great Cormorant can be found right here in New Jersey.

A pair of Little Grebes, a species found throughout much of the old world. But not the new.

Quite similar to our American Coot is this Red-knobbed Coot. The main difference being the red knob at the top of its forehead.

The first of two pelican species we saw, the curiously named Pink-backed Pelican.

And the second is the more aptly named Great White Pelican. Neither species is found in my neck of the woods. Or anywhere I can drive to. Pink-backed is an African species while the Great White is also found in Asia and Europe.

Egyptian Geese. As with the Great Cormorant, I've seen them here in New Jersey. But unlike with the cormorant it was almost certainly an escapee. But I can now include them on my life list.

African Black Ducks. Not to be confused with the American Black Duck. The African variety is not often found on open water, preferring rivers and streams. Our guide was quite excited to find them here.

Hottentot Teal, another native African duck species.

And the last of open water birds, the Yellow-billed Duck. Both of these duck species are African natives.


Part 1 can be found here.

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