Monday, September 28, 2015

A Boat Ride In Kenya, Part 1

My first full day (Patty had already been there for two weeks!) in Africa we visited Lake Naivasha National Park. And went on a boat ride. A boat like this one.

We saw plenty of birds along with a few mammals.

As we headed out we initially hugged the shore line, scanning for waders. We were not disappointed, finding the African cousins of birds we have back home in the US.

First up was the African Spoonbill, cousin of our Roseate Spoonbill.

Little Egret, who like our Snowy Egret has yellow feet (feet not shown).

Cattle Egret, an African native that has become established in the new world, reaching South American in the 1870's and North in the 1940's. It is now a regular visitor to New Jersey.

Behind the Little Egret above are two Sacred Ibis, and a third is shown in this image. Glossy, White, and White-faced Ibis call the US home.

Hadada Ibis, a bit more colorful than the Sacred. It has a call like Nelson on the Simpson's, "Ha Ha". We heard that call throughout our trip.

A dead ringer for our Great Blue Heron, the Grey Heron.

Not every bird we saw had such an obvious match, and such was case with the Common Squacco Heron. A gorgeous bird.

Some, like this Hammerkop, have no match at all, as they are in a family of but one species.

Then there are others like the Common Moorhen, which until very recently was considered conspecific with our Common Gallinule.

A Black Crake. The first crake species I've ever seen as we have none in our part of the world.

This flashy feathered friend is a Long-toed Lapwing, a member of another group that rarely visits our area.

We'll end with the Yellow-billed Stork. A dapper looking bird. A much handsomer bird than our Wood Stork.

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