Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mini Meadow

It's growing. In more ways than one.

It is much bigger. The original plot as highlighted in this post was 95 square feet. It is now approximately six times that size.

Compare this:

To this:

And note the position of the weeping cherry tree in the front right corner. That was a lot of digging. And a lot of sweating. Done in under two weeks.

And the plants are settling in nicely. Some purchased, some gifts. Some we grew from seed, (again store bought and gifted). Some we transplanted from around our property. And some we are awaiting delivery of.

We can still use more ...

And we've started a Micro-Meadow in our side yard.

An small island anchored by one of our winterberry hollies. Eventually we want to turn most of this side yard into a wildlife garden.  And replace those small windows with great picture windows so we can enjoy the view.

If you have a spot in your yard that you only visit when you mow, why not create a small wildlife friendly garden?

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