Monday, June 29, 2015

Caterpillar Season - Update

Less than two weeks ago we had caterpillars.

Now we have ...

... Butterflies!

Black swallowtail butterflies to be precise.

We discovered the first two had emerged from their cocoons one morning when we awoke (you can see the cocoon below the wings above).

While this one is well on its way to flying off, its wings are not fully pumped out, as can be seen by the twisting of the "tails".

Image courtesy Patty Rehn
Here is another one still pumping its wings up ...

Image courtesy Patty Rehn
... and later out in our garden. All six of our caterpillars emerged as butterflies.

I'm continually amazed and astonished at this transformation of caterpillar to butterfly. Fascinating how the parts of the caterpillar are complete disassembled and then reassembled into a butterfly. Utterly astounding. And far beyond our technology. Perhaps setting a goal for the budding scientists and engineers of tomorrow ...

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