Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I mentioned our three-toed box turtle Magnus in a recent post.

This is her (or him?) in the small pond in our turtle enclosure. Three-toed box turtles like humid conditions, which is what we have here for sure, and to spend time in water.

Patty has had Magnus since August of 2003. For all but one of those years living in her garden in center city Philadelphia. Last June she, along with Patty and I, moved here. We think she likes it here.

In 2003 Patty was renting an apartment in the city to a fellow named Reese. And Reese rescued turtles. Patty found this out when she visited the property and found a room full of aquaria. With turtles. Lots of turtles. Turtles that were no doubt unwanted pets that had been released into an environment that most were not suited for.

Three-toed box turtles are not native to our area. They occur in the southeastern United States. But they can survive our central Atlantic winters. Magnus disappears underground each fall and reappears each spring, albeit a little earlier and later respectively than if she was on her home turf.

As noted in the "Larger Turtle" post, box turtles eat snails and slugs. And Patty wanted a way to control slugs in her city garden. So when Reece came upon the baby Magnus, a mere three and a bit inches long, he asked Patty if she would be willing to give Magnus a good home. And she has, for going on twelve years now. And there is no reason she won't be with us for many more.

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