Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bad Cat

The other morning I was going to get the mail when I spotted this fellow lying on the driveway.

It is a northern short tailed shrew. And clearly, it is not doing well. In fact it is dead.

And apparently not by natural causes.

Bridge Kitty
This is the prime suspect, Bridge Kitty, so named because she likes to sit on our bridge.

As you can see above.

We are not sure if this is a stray cat or someone's pet that is allowed to roam outdoors. Sadly for the shrew, and other neighborhood wildlife, it doesn't matter. Cats are predators. And by instinct they will attack and kill small mammals and birds. 

Cats belong indoors. If you have cats please keep your cat and the local wildlife safe by keeping them indoors. Thank you.


Our cat, Kitty, passed away not long after we moved here, from mouth cancer. Kitty was an indoor cat all her life and really seemed to like it here, away from all the noise in the city.

We miss her greatly.

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