Sunday, December 22, 2013

Foggy Morning

Our first attempt, well at least mine, for bobwhite for the Billings competition, was at Bombay Hook NWR in Delaware.

As I'm sure you surmised, we were not successful.

It was a foggy morning and we were there early. Which meant we woke up early. Very early.

Once upon a time, quail had been reported at Bombay Hook (I'm still not sure when the last time a quail was seen here). Near the Allee house.

Along and in the shrubs that defined the edge's of the yard of the house. So we searched and searched.

And one of our party saw a small ground bird, quail sized, dash from the house to the tree line.

So we searched some more.

No quails.

In the field we saw meadowlarks.

And we looked at a red-tailed hawk looking at use looking at it looking at us ...

And many field sparrows.

But no quail.

Oh well, maybe another time.

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