Sunday, December 15, 2013


As part of Patty's Bob Billings Big Year quest, we often found ourselves in Cape May. And one such time coincided with the New Jersey Audubon Fall Cape May Weekend and The Bird Show. Where we got to see a number of friends.

And where we encountered several birds of prey.

Including this red-tailed hawk.

This long-eared owl.

And this eastern screech owl.

As you can see all three are sitting on gloved hands. They are all residents of Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. Sadly, they are all permanent residents, having injuries or behaviors that preclude their being returned to the wild. So to earn their keep they travel to bird shows, green festivals, and other nature oriented events serving as ambassadors from their world to ours.

Most people would never have the opportunity to to be this close to one of these magnificent creatures. Mainly because the bird wouldn't hang around. But these three are old hands at this. And the crowd milling about at the Cape May Convention Center didn't faze them at all. For the time we were there they sat quietly and looked back at the people looking at them.

Most of the folks at the Bird Show were there because they cared about birds. So these three didn't gain many converts to the cause of protecting wildlife and wildlife habit that day. But as they travel about and people encounter them up close and personal as the cliche goes, they hopefully get a better appreciation for the fellow residents of our world.  And in turn will help make our world a better place for them and us.

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