Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More Bombs, More Bursting

We went to see the fireworks last night.

Philadelphia, like many cities around the world, rings in the new year with a bang.

Being old, we went to the 6 o'clock show.

Because Patty was off getting her last two birds of the Billings competition (numbers 356 and 357 for the year), and was rushing back from Cape May, we arrived at the waterfront just as the first explosions went off.  We actually saw the first couple as reflections in the windows of buildings along Chestnut Street (we heard them just fine). And I snapped the above shot as we were crossing the bridge.

Philadelphia, being a civilized city, has fireworks at six and midnight. The show at six gives one time to see the show, have a nice dinner, and still be in bed by nine. (Ok, we weren't quite that bad!)

The show started with a series of bursts each exploding inside the expanding shell of the prior shot.

Note the next one spiraling up just right of center.


Boom! Boom!


Throughout the show I shot 242 images, using the same technique as before, just pointing and shooting. I wasn't even looking at the camera; I was watching along with everyone else.

I mean, who doesn't love fireworks? And the six o'clock display lets a lot more people, and many more kids, see the spectacle. And there was quite a crowd assembled, despite the bitter cold.

And spectacular it was.

Despite lasting only about fifteen minutes.

Lots of Booms!

As you can see with the rockets shooting up while the previous volley explodes above, the action was non-stop throughout those fifteen minutes.

Once it ended we walked back over the bridge and, like many who came, stopped at one of the numerous restaurants and bars to continue the celebration. Patty and I stopped at a favorite Indian restaurant, Karma, and got one of the last tables (we'd never seen it as crowded).

The city put on a very nice show. My only complaint was that it was over too soon. But as I noted above, the action was non-stop so it seemed longer than it was. And despite the cold we enjoyed it very much. Add in a yummy dinner and was a very enjoyable way to end 2013.

Happy New Year!

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tjmcchesney said...

Looks like that is the way to bring in the New Year! Happy New Year to you and yours!