Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Not my town alas, but fun to travel about nonetheless.

We also saw ...

A solitary and somewhat camera shy American Wigeon.

Plenty of mallards. Common, but I love the green heads.

In addition to ducks, like this sleeping mallard, there were cormorants and gulls ...

... lots of coot ...

... and night herons, there are at least twelve in this picture. 
(And one mallard.)
((Click to bigafy and try to find them all!))

We had a single egret.

And northern shovelers at several spots.


And many distant gannets.
(Where's that big lens when I need it?)

There were other birds, like the common teal which flew just as I was bringing the camera up. And the sand doves. And the invisible razor bills that didn't check in at the bird observatory (how rude!).

I'll get 'em next time ...

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