Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winter Star Party's Mascot

The only kind of snowman you'll see in the Florida Keys. He's there every year greeting us as we arrive for the Winter Star Party.

Pelicans and Terns

The National Key Deer Refuge is one island over from the star party. And we took a ride over one day to see what we could see. This dock was actually outside of the the refuge. But the birds didn't seem to mind.

Mangrove Buckeye

There were butterflies all along the road ways in the refuge. These buckeyes were quite common.

Key Deer

Unfortunately I do not have a good shot to give the scale of these creatures. They are the size of a large dog, up to one's waist. They didn't seem to mind us and after while just walked right on over. Expecting food no doubt. I was using a long lens and was to close to focus when they walked up to us.

Tree Snail

Seeing shells in trees was something new for me.


I'll finish this six with an image of the cowfish minding its manners.


Chesney said...

Another stunning six! Love that gentle eyed deer!

Danudin said...

Looks like frosty got pulled over by the fuzz and that can hurt, even on snowmen, the deer is darling dear and the cowfish needs to pull his horns in. Great selection

Allison said...

Ooh! The butterfly picture is amazing! I'd be printing and framing that!