Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monument Valley Sunrise (September 2006)

One final Monument Valley image, as I catch up with my In With The Old Challenge. This was earlier on the same day as the sand storm. We, my brother and I, had planned to photograph sunrise on the two mornings we were at Monument Valley (dad and Uncle John were back at the hotel sleeping). But it was not to be. Our rental car, an SUV, had one key hole, on the driver's door. It did not have a keyless entry system. And the lock cylinder became detached from the door. We could put the key in and it would turn, but so would the entire lock. Round and round. So we all got to sleep in on the second morning, as the nearest locksmith was three hours away. 


Chesney said...

What a different shot from the wind storm one, amazing how quick weather changes! This is so calming, love that silhuette!

Danudin said...

Terrific shot of a Western Icon

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot! Really stunning.