Monday, May 28, 2018

You may have seen a bit on the news about a volcano in Hawaii.

This volcano. Kilauea.

This image was taken in 2012, in calmer times, when I was on the Big Island to observe the Transit of Venus. (A different story I'll get around to telling one day ...)

We were at the visitor center one night in June, almost six years ago. The glow is from the lava in the crater reflecting off steam and clouds. Lava which is now consuming cars and roads and trees and houses.

Friend and fellow WAS member Joe Stieber has annotated the image, labeling the astronomical objects, as part of his displaying it on the club website. You can see the annotated version here.


The  stars are best seen when bigafied, which you can do by clicking on the image. It helps to see as large a version as possible, and against a black background. If you subscribe to the blog via email, you may want to go to the blog on you computer to see this image at its best.  

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