Sunday, May 27, 2018

Yard Critter of the Week - Six-spotted Tiger Beetle

Six-spotted Tiger Beetle.

Unmistakable metallic green, they are common this time of year in wooded habitats.

And we live in a wooded habitat.

That's Piney Place smack dab in the middle of the image.

Most times, attempts to get an image of one of these beetles results in a shot no better than the one at the top. Quite skittish, they fly at any movement of pursuit.

However, note the key phrase, "... image of one ...". It seems getting an image of two is a bit easier ...

... as they seem otherwise preoccupied.

Still, I needed to use my phone and snap away quickly, no time to go and get a 'real' camera.

Soon enough it was over. And then, cognizant of my presence, off they went.


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