Monday, May 21, 2018

Soda Colors

I was at my desk in my office, enjoying diet coke while on conference call. It seems that's all I do these days, call after call, when I noticed the colors in my soda bottle.

I notice things like this.

And I find them much more interesting then yet another conference call.

So I set to multi-tasking. I confirmed that I was on mute. And grabbed my camera.

And I tried various angles and got the shots you see here. The central "ring" getting smaller and more outer rings appearing.

The light form the computer monitor is polarized. And the plastic of the soda bottle is under stress, making it birefringent. And thus, colored rings.

And had something to do while someone(s) on the other end of the phone droned on and on.


As always, a fuller explanation can be found here, at Les Cowley's site.

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