Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Yard Critter of the Week - Turkey Vultue

Turkey Vulture.

A key member of nature's clean up crew.

Not the prettiest of birds and not one you want roosting regularly nearby. They can be stinky with a capital PU!

I was sitting on our deck last Sunday, relaxing after that snowstorm, and as usual there were vultures soaring overhead, both Turkey and Black Vultures. And the Turkey Vultures seemed to be flying lower than normal. I could even hear their wings flapping. So I got up and moseyed around to the other side of the house, and spotted them roosting in the woods on either side of our road. The one above on our side, that below on the other.

Of course I couldn't let this photo op pass by.

I had walked around our property to see them. I walked back to get the camera. I walked around again to get the shot. I was going around as not to spook them by walking directly under them. And I had left the camera card in the card reader attached to my computer. So another round trip. Fortunately, they waited patiently for me and posed for a few shots before flying off. Coincidently on our ride down to see the Snowy Owl that morning we had talked about memory lapses and such.

I'm appreciative of the work they do in the ecosystem. And am just a wee bit jealous of their ability to soar above the yard. I just hope they continue to soar to roost sites somewhere other than here, albeit with the occasional visit like this one.


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