Saturday, March 3, 2018

Is Once Enough?

Patty and I joined her sister and brother in law to see a man and a woman play guitar. Although they didn't play at the same time. Rather they alternated. First him then her and so on for the better part of two hours.

And, much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it.

Between songs the two chatted like old friends who hadn't seen each other in a while. Which may have been the case as this was the first date of their tour. Lyle Lovett was actually very witty. At one point, Shawn noted that she was staring at the restroom sign, lit up at the back of the the hall. And Lyle, without missing a beat, replied, "it is very enticing at our age."

📻 🎰 📻 🎰 📻

The show was at the Parx Casino in the new Xcite Center, which opened on January 18th of this year.  The sound was quite good, and it was a nice place to see a show. Our seats were toward the back, and I found myself switching between the big screen monitors and the actual performers. This was the kind of show one wishes to be right up front for.

Public Radio and Gambling. Perfect together.

Hello, XPN?, about that pledge, seems I lost it at the craps table ...

🎸 🎲 🎸 🎲 🎸 🎲 🎸

I was not familiar with Lyle Lovett's music, the only song of his that I had heard before was about equestrian events at sea. And I'd only heard that when we were at Patty's sister's place talking about going to the concert. As for Shawn Colvin I, like lots of folks, have the CD with Sunny Came Home on it. She didn't play that song. Nor any other song I knew. Still, I enjoyed them all.


The title of this post is a play on the first song of the evening, by Lyle Lovett, entitled Once is Enough. I think I disagree. I would see both Lyle or Shawn again.

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