Thursday, March 22, 2018

Snow Scenes

The third nor'easter in as many weeks is bringing springtime snow. Lots of springtime snow.

I was working from home and was able to snap a picture now and then, between meetings. And while out shoveling.

I was out shoveling rather often.


The storm it brought plenty of birds to the feeders. At one point we had over forty Dark-eyed Juncos.

And a lonely Eastern Bluebird.

A pair of Wild Turkeys wandered in and out of the yard all morning.

The snow sticking to them as well.

Not all birds come to eat at the feeders.

American Robins found a snowless patch up against the house and were busy looking for worms and other tasty morsels. Apparently they were successful as then were there for some time.

And not every critter that comes to the feeders is a bird.

Southern Flying Squirrels are nightly visitors. And the snow did not stop them.


The snow was very pretty.

But also evil. We lost power at around 12:30 am. And did not get it back until 6:30 pm. And we had several more trees with broken branches.


Today most of the snow has melted. Gone. It is spring you know.

It is March 22nd. Shouldn't we be in the "out like a lamb" phase?

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