Saturday, February 17, 2018

Perhaps They're Bad Shots?

Out behind our property, down the Wildlife Walk, is state forest. Apparently the landowner donated the land to the state. As it was wetlands, the headwaters of the south branch of the Rancocas Creek, it was un-developable. So why pay taxes on land you can't use?

Patty and I decided to take a walk back there today. To see what the recent rains may have done. As it turns out not much.

But we did find a number of deer stands. More that we had seen on previous excursions.

Tall ones.

With or without seat backs.

An old school wooden stand, complete with an orange five gallon bucket seat. Comfy!

A sort one for those with acrophobia.

And a first for out back, a blind. Room for four hunters with a shooting window for each.

So how is it we still have deer in the yard?

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