Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Deer in the Garden

The other evening I looked out the dining room window and saw four (!) deer in the garden. Fortunately Patty had retired for the evening. She would not have been happy. As documented in this very blog, deer and gardens don't mix.

So I grabbed a camera and started shooting.

Patty would have preferred I use a gun.

I don't own a gun.

That's probably a good thing.

It wasn't long before the deer detected the motion of me positioning the camera and adjusting the settings.

And off they went. All but this one.

Which wasn't quite sure what to make of me.

Sniffing was not helpful (I had showered earlier in the day).

And I was in the house. Windows closed.

Eventually the uncertainty of what was behind the glass and no doubt the certainty of being alone got the better of its curiosity. And off it went.

Bye, bye.

Deer above and voles below. We've our work cut out for us to varmint proof the gardens this spring.

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