Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What's in Your Attic?

This is what is in ours.

Or was anyway.

We had some electrical work done, and the contractor had to go into the attic.

And he found it.

He thought is was pretty cool.

Of course, he lives in the area, and is familiar with what one might find here.

Snakes! As evidenced by the shed skin shown here.

Which is no doubt the reason we don't see any evidence of mice in the house. (I've seen mice in the garage, quonset hut, yard, and even in the gas grill! (Although not in the grilling portion. (I still scrubbed it pretty good though.))).

I've also seen a variety of snakes in the yard.


This contractor reacted very differently than our last one. This one thought it was cool that we had snakes in the attic. Our last one, who Patty had used often when she lived in Philadelphia, came running in the house yelling (in a thick Italian accent) "Patty! Patty! There is a snake in the yard!" to which she replied, after grabbing the camera, "Where?"

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