Monday, September 18, 2017

Yard Critter of the Week - Northern Spring Peeper

Continuing with the baby frogs ...

A Northern Spring Peeper.

Which like the previous YCOTW, was fond on the Mountain Mint in our garden.

Which is a good place to be if you're a frog as it is where the bugs hang out.


I spotted this one while out one night looking for another critter, the one on the left below.

Alistair, our Burmese Cat, who had escaped dashing out while a door was open. Our cats are indoor cats and it can be dangerous out in the wilds of New Jersey at night. Especially for a cat that doesn't hear all that well (if at all). Like us, you'll be happy to learn that he is back in the house safe and sound. Patty found him wandering down the road. The same place he went last time he wandered out.

🐸  πŸΈ  πŸΈ  πŸΈ  πŸΈ

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