Monday, May 22, 2017

Landscaping Interlude, with Snake

Can you spot it?

The snake?

It's right there in the center of the image.

An Eastern Garter Snake.

This was the view as I spotted it, while out moving plants around the yard (bayberry, elderberry, and phlox today). I snapped a quick shot with my iPhone (above), and then went and got my other camera, which a significantly longer lens (below). (Well, one of my other cameras ... I've a bunch.)


I don't know if this is typical behavior for this species, but it would move a bit and then stop, seemingly watching to see what I would do.

Eventually, after posing nicely, it headed off into the bushes, having had enough of me.

I do hope it is a resident and not just passing through. Or that I didn't scare it away.


A nice break from all the digging Patty makes me do. 😉

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