Sunday, May 21, 2017

Signs of Spring ...

... baby birds.

Baby Eastern Phoebes to be specific.

You can see them in the nest on top of the light fixture.

Zooming in ...

... it is easy to make out the one on top. If you bigafy the image (as always, click on any image to bigafy it) you can make out three bills, and thus three birds. There are actually four chicks in the nest, piled on top of one another.

Eastern Phoebes have nested every year we've been here. And always on top of a light fixture on our little shed.

But this year they tricked us!

We had thought they weren't going to nest at the shed this year, as for the first three years they used the same nest on the same light fixture.

You can see the old nest on the fixture to the left above. That nest is just visible from from our deck. And while we heard and saw the adult phoebes around the shed we saw no activity at the nest. It was only while out in the yard that Patty noticed the new nest. And then later the chicks.

It just wouldn't be spring without our phoebe chicks. We're glad they're here.

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