Monday, December 5, 2016

This Morning's Garden Visitor

The crabapple tree was full of American Robins this morning. Enjoying a breakfast of the sour fruits.

But one looked odd, it had a different tail.

Because it wasn't a robin. It was a Cedar Waxwing. And it was the only Cedar Waxing in the tree. Which is rather curious as they usually travel in flocks. I don't think I've ever seen a lone bird before.

The tail, which looks as if it was dipped in yellow paint, really stands out. As does the black mask and, although not visible here, the red tipped primary feathers.

A colorful bird that I've had difficulty getting a good photograph of. Perhaps my best opportunity was out the kitchen window of my condo. A flock descended on a tree no more than fifteen feet away. I grabbed my camera a was sure I got several nice shots. Alas, this was in the film days and my camera had a roll of black and white loaded. And I got several very close, very sharp colorless Cedar Waxwing images.

I'll keep trying.

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