Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rocky II

I noticed this fellow in our screech owl box one day while working in the yard. So of course I went and fetched the camera. And it obliged by remaining until I returned.  I showed the pictures to Patty and we both thought Flying Squirrel. But they are nocturnal. So why would this one be poking out the hole during the day?

One month and one day later we spotted this out our living room window.

And it's been visiting everyday since.

So now we put out food especially for flying squirrels. It seems to like peanut butter (as do the oppies, but that's another post ...).

Actually, they like peanut butter, as there are at least two (and perhaps more) visiting.


You might recall that we had a Flying Squirrel visit in February of 2015. A one night wonder, or so we thought. But maybe they've been here all along. We recently had some work done on our home, installing sliding glass doors and a large picture window in our living room. The time we used to spend in the three season room, with a view of the deck, we now spend in the living room. With very large windows and a clear view of our side yard and gardens. Where the bird feeders are. So it is no coincidence that we are seeing more wildlife. And noticing the squirrels.


Linda said...

Awesome. I had one fly into the yard one time only. Maybe Peanut Butter . . .

Anonymous said...

Love the flying squirrel. Good capture!

MevetS said...

Linda, they do seem to enjoy the peanut butter (as do the opossums and a brown creeper!).

Greg, it is very cool. Last night we had 4! And at least one has been visiting each night for several weeks now.