Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hey Baby It's ...

... warm outside?

On Sunday December 18th I almost stepped on this Green Frog hopping about the yard. (The frog not me.)

When thinking of December, it is snow, Santa, and shopping which spring to mind. And cold, can't forget cold. Not frogs hopping about the yard.

And yet, there it was.

Fortunately, as we see, it made it back to the pond. Just in time, as temps plummeted the next day. And it has been well below freezing since.


Green Frogs overwinter in ponds and, if the temps are warm enough, will leave the pond and go walk (hop?) about. Perhaps they are confused and think it is spring? And this past Sunday it was warm and wet.

This frog is floating in our fish pond. To keep the water in the filter box from freezing, and perhaps cracking the box, we keep a heater in it from around Thanksgiving until spring. This also keeps part of the water surface ice free, allowing oxygen to enter the water. Enough O₂ to keep the fish and frogs alive throughout the winter.

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