Monday, September 12, 2016

The Fish

I first saw it, at least I thought I did, a couple of months ago. Briefly, just the flash of a tail. And it was gone. Into the the lily pad thicket.

Or was it just hind foot of a bullfrog at an odd angle?

Either way, my curiosity was peaked. And I was on the lookout.

It was a fish. I saw it again last weekend.

It likes to sit still, out in the open, on the western side of the pond.

See it? Me neither. And bigafying doesn't help. But it is there.

Until, of course, a camera finds it. Then it's gone. Back under the lily pads.

This is the only shot I was able to get of it.

Some type of sunfish? Patty remembers Dennis, the prior owner of our home, saying he threw a couple of sunnies in the pond, but I do not recall this (perhaps I was not part of that conversation).

If you know what it species it is please leave a note in the comments. And I'll keep trying to get a better picture.

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