Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bog Beginnings

Remember this post? Well it is time. So I did. Dig that is.

Step one, remove the turf. I wanted a trapezoid. Close enough. Note all the lawn in this image.

Step two, dig.

The dirt went here, to create a raised garden bed, next to Magnus's enclosure.

Note that this garden bed and Magnus's enclosure both continue the theme started with the Mini-Meadow, eliminating lawn and creating habitat.

Step three, four, five, six ... lots of digging.

Deeper and deeper.

The rest of the dirt went here:

This is the view out of the new sliding glass doors that have replaced a wall in our living room.  The dirt covers cardboard. The cardboard covers the turf. This blocks the light and kills the vegetation, while at the same time adding nutrients to the soil. The next step is to add a layer of compost. This layering technique is referred to as "lasagna gardening". This fall we'll transplant many of the native plants from around our yard, along with a few donations from friends and purchases from local native nurseries, and the lawn I noted in the first image above will become gardens. Another variation on the  habitat theme.

But there was still a bit more digging ...

Image Courtesy Patty Rehn
The hole is complete.  Two plus feet, plenty of space for roots and deep enough to keep from freezing. Next step is to fill it up.

Stay tuned.

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