Thursday, August 18, 2016

Window Colors

I travel quite a bit and generally have a camera with me.* And I always try to get a window seat. And I notice things. So I see things like the optical phenomena shown here.

The first is the view through an airplane window looking at the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the eastern United States, as we flew home form our recent trip to Mexico. The colors are an optical effect caused by polarized light and the makeup of the window. I've seen this effect before, but usually it is much subtler and difficult to photograph.

The effect is quite pronounced here, but I was so focused on the clouds and water that I didn't notice it at first. But once I did I made sure to get a good image.

This second shot is of the window on the ferry we took from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. And I had no problem noticing this time. I waited until we docked and most of the passengers had left their seats before snapping off a couple of shots.

More info can of course be found here.


* I almost always have my iPhone 6S Plus with me, and I used it to take the rainbow image in this  prior post (a panorama). The images here were taken with my Sony RX100 II camera, which I bought specifically because it can fit in my pocket. The iPhone is longer and wider than the Sony, but the Sony is considerably thicker. The Sony is also a very good camera.

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