Wednesday, August 17, 2016


In 2004 I and two friends ventured up to Nova Scotia to witness the Transit of Venus.

As told here, we did not.

But we did see some weird goings on looking across the Bay of Fundy.

Here is an image of Isle Haute. This image was taken in 2013 when Patty and I visited Nova Scotia. It is a rather nondescript island some seventeen kilometers from shore.

Here are some images of the same island from my 2004 visit.

Curious goings on for sure.

The island wasn't the only landmass putting on a show. Here are some images of the cliffs to the south.

All this occurred in a little over two hours. It is easily the best mirage display I've had the good fortune to observe.  I would have stayed longer, but not everyone shares my interest in such things. And we had lobster to eat ...

For an explanation of what's going on here, a visit to Les Cowley's site is in order. Enjoy.

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