Saturday, January 30, 2016

Snow Day

As seen on TV, we had a blizzard!

Approximately two feet of snow over the past weekend. The storm began Friday evening and lasted into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Snow Garden
But by the time we woke it was sunny out.

Now we have a rather long driveway ...

Piney Plow

... but by using the "Piney Plow" method, I drove back and forth in my 4-wheel drive SUV to keep it clear ...


.. and it worked!

For my car anyway ...

Patty in Action!

... Patty's Prius on the other hand ...


... needed a bit more help. Fortunately the Philadelphia School District canceled school Monday and Tuesday. And the sun helped reduce the cubic meters of snow needed to be removed before car could meet road.

But there was plenty of other shoveling to do.

As we needed paths on the deck to get to the garage and to the bird feeders.

I didn't spend all my time shoveling however, I looked around. And took pictures.

Here we have some bird tracks under a cedar tree.

Zooming out we see that this is the only area where we see tracks.

Why?  It is not clear why the birds concentrated here and not all along the edge. There are sweet pepper bush plants all along the edge to the parking area. So what was special about the cedar?

Damm Deer
Deer also visited, curiously coming through the wood and not across the open front yard.


It's now been several days since the storm and while there is still snow on the ground life is back to normal. In fact, by us, the roads were clear Sunday afternoon.

I know the roads were clear because I had to go to Philadelphia to do this:

Photo courtesy Patty Rehn
And the sad part is that I put this snow here, having thrown it from the deck three stories up. Yep, I shoveled this snow twice. Lucky me.

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