Sunday, May 4, 2014

Misery Loves Company

Mt Misery that is.

So we did the Mt Joy trail as well.

The Mt Misery and Mt Joy trails are a pair of trails at Valley Forge National Historic Park, that we hiked this past Saturday morning. It was a nice day to be out, warm enough for shirt sleeves, but overcast and cool enough for comfortable hiking.

The trails start and end at Washington's headquarters. Here is a shot from the parking lot, you can see how overcast it was.

(The railway was added since Washington's stay.)

The trail goes up and down trough the park. Most of the trail is rocky, but some is dirt and a small portion is roadway.

The Mt Misery trail was well marked, note the yellow blaze on the tree in the image above. The same could not be said for the Mt Joy trail, and we took wrong turns twice.

The trails "parallel" Valley Creek, the trail for which was partially closed due to heavy rains this past week.

Despite what you might think from these images there were a good number of people on the trails. We also were accompanied by a variety of birds, including five different species of warblers, and a fox.

In one spot the trail was eroded and collapsing into the creek. But we made it by.

It was quite picturesque.

But as this was a training hike, someone has this crazy idea of hiking up and down Half Dome later this year, picture taking was held to a minimum.

This is us after Mt Misery but before Mt Joy.

It was an invigorating walk, 7.5 miles, and a nice way to spend a spring morning.

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