Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hotel Guest

This year's spring break trip took us to Costa Rica, where we had a wonderful time. Our first stop, and the place most people fly into to, was San Jose. It was there we spent our first night.

And one of our fellow hotel guests was this handsome fellow:

A green iguana. The largest lizard in Costa Rica, at 79 inches / 200 centimeters long.

These lizards spend most of there time in the trees, usually coming to the ground only to mate and lay eggs.

The guidebook says that breeding males often show orange in the face ...

... so I don't think this guy was laying any eggs.

He, as did we, enjoyed the food available at the hotel.

We stayed at the Hotel Bougainvillea. We chose this hotel based on a friend's recommendation and because of the large gardens, which we enjoyed wandering about. It was a very nice way to begin our  Costa Rican visit.

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