Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Recently I accompanied my dad to New York City. We took the ferry from Atlantic Highlands, the town I grew up in and the one my parents moved out of just last month. Moving after having lived in the same house since 1965. Many many memories there.

Dad would make four visits to the city he was born in, the city he grew up in. Accompanied by me or one of my sisters.

He was visiting NYU Langone Medical Center. His regular doctor had recommended he go, to get a second opinion on possible heart surgery.

The walk to the ferry was maybe 200 yards. Dad had to stop and rest several times. Not good.

As we rode the ferry dad pointed out were he and his sisters grew up, where he worked, where he went on dates, where he lived.

The ferry docked at 34th Street, the second and final stop. A short walk and a short taxi ride and we were at NYU. He had three different tests scheduled for the day. I wheeled him around the sprawling complex. First a breathing test to check his lungs. Then X-rays. Then I dropped him off for a stress test and he disappeared back into the hospital for the better part of four hours.

And I went to see dinosaurs.

Not Dad's X-Ray

I made my way uptown to the American Museum of Natural History. Where I saw, among many other things alive and not, the remains of this T. rex.

The museum, for all it's bones and stuffed animals is a celebration of life and the resilience thereof. It was a great way to take my mind off dad and the questions about his health.


Dad made his fourth visit to NYU this past Tuesday to go over the results of all those tests.

He doesn't need heart surgery. His heart is strong for someone his age, strong enough that he can have back surgery (although it's not sure that he'll need it).

He has emphysema. A condition with a name. A condition that can be treated. A condition he can live with.


Today my Dad turned 84.
Here's hoping for many more.
Happy Birthday Dad!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dad!

Angela's Originals said...

Tell Dad Happy Birthday!!