Friday, July 12, 2013


A recent business trip found me in Austin, Texas. And while there I visited the Congress Street Bridge. Along with a thousand or so other folks.

It seems when they built the bridge they unwittingly created a tourist attraction. And a home for one and a half million mexican free-tailed bats.

The Austin-American Statesmen newspaper created the observation center park next to the bridge and adjacent to their offices, providing a well used viewing area for locals and visitors alike.

Suitably warned (one website suggested bringing umbrellas!) we waited at a respectable distance from the bridge. It took a while, but they came.

Until that time there was no evidence (other then the signs!) that there was anything special about the bridge.

But then there were bats everywhere. thousands and thousands. They just came pouring out of the bridge.

And flying off down the river.

A very cool way to start an evening.

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