Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cloudy Night

Lonely red lights dot the observing field, telescopes stand unattended. Silent sentries gathering no starlight.

Disappointment growing, we sit telling tales of other nights, better, worse, different, same.

Still hoping.

Stars winking out of sucker holes. It's clearing! It's not. It is! It isn't.

We wait still hoping.

The group thins, chairs empty, hopes waning. Some of us wait, inertia now.

But still hoping.

One cloud lit up, curiously bright. Stationary. Flickering. Strange. What is that? Aurora? Aliens? Hand of god?

(which god?)

(which hand?)

Transfixed we watch. Patterns flickering. Intellectually challenged  We now welcome the clouds. Needing more data.

(we're a nerdy bunch)

We search for answers. A fishing boat, trawling offshore? Nope.

Customs searching for smugglers? Nope.

Cars on the bridge? Nope.

More folks gather. Transfixed. Brainstorming. Consensus emerges.

Prosaic, a spotlit flag. Over at the scout camp. Curiosity satiated we still watch. Still fascinated.

The rainbow explained is still beautiful.


Guy said...


I love your poem. And the shot of the gull with the crab is a wonder.

Thanks for an very enjoyable blog.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the glimpse of twinkling lights was not those of a modem, seemingly controlling our lives, transfixing us with the promise of information. But if knowledge is not matched with common sense, then the waste is as vast as the heavens. Dream on Star Chaser. Never give up hope.


MevetS said...

Guy, thanks for kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit and I hope it's not your last.

K, no not modems but power supplies, cameras, scope controls, dew heaters, flash lights and even a few cigarettes. Still here hoping.