Saturday, February 5, 2011

At The Shore

In January ...

Gulls are year round residents.

In winter they can't steal french fries from bennies and need fend for themselves.

Bummer for the crabs.

More bad news for the crabs ...

Loons are winter visitors, heading north before the crowds return.

They're also a bit camera shy.

Another winter visitor, snow buntings in my experience are generally very camera shy. Usually seen in small flocks, fleeing as one approaches.

These two were atypical, relaxed in front of the camera, letting us approach to within ten feet. Very cool.


I grew up at the shore, four blocks from the water, but have always preferred the empty beaches of fall and winter to the crowds of summer. Perhaps growing up in New York City metropolitan area, at some of the closest beaches to the city, with the attendant traffic jams, litter, and utter lack of space on the beaches, soured me a bit. But I'd rather spend the day in the company of a few friends and whichever species of wildlife which would care to join us. How about you, what do you prefer?


Anonymous said...

I see from the description of your fourth photo that you consider your self a winter visitor LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm with you...I'd rather have the beach and the wildlife to myself! :) I am in love w/ the gulls shots...such clarity and definition! Those little buntings are so darn cute for the crabs, you can keep them lol

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day down the shore. Love the snow bunting shots...I'm still looking for them this winter.

MevetS said...

@ Ron: Yep, guilty as charged.

@ Tammy: Thanks, I missed a few shots too. :-) And crabs can be quite tasty!

@ Greg: Shark River Inlet, the week after we went.

Lené Gary said...

Loons! So exciting that you get to see them this time of year. I always feel cheered in spring when they return to our little ponds. Lovely photographs, as always.

Julie McLeod said...

Great series of shore shots, Steve. Maybe 'your' loon is one of the loons whose company we enjoy at our Quebec cottage in the summer. I notice that the winter plumage is quite different that what we see in summer.

That shot of the gull with his catch of crab is especially terrific.

I'm not much of a summer beach-goer and think if I lived near one, I'd enjoy the off-months a lot.

Mary Lou said...

Wonderful series. I love the Shore but summer is much more appealing to me!!

Zen Photography said...

Nice shots. Great low angles.