Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tucked In

The northern saw-whet owl, at eight inches tip to tail the smallest owl we have in these parts.

And as you can see, one which likes to roost in tight spaces.

It is a species I've not seen in the wild since 2007. Until today that is, when a friend led me to this one. First found on a Christmas bird count, it's been hanging around for at least three months.

Given where the bird was in the park and how tucked into the tangle it is it's a wonder anyone found it at all. Despite my friend pointing it out and me looking right at it I did not see it at first. She had to position me exactly before I could see it. I fired off six shots and then made my exit, not wishing to cause the bird any distress (but if it's been there all this time, with people coming to see it, it can't be too perturbed by us humans).

I glad I got to see it (I've been skunked on several other owl excursions this year) and hope it didn't mind my visit.

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