Monday, January 31, 2011

A Walk in the Park

We've had several nice snowfalls this winter and after the last a friend an I decided to go wandering.

"Where do you want to go?", "I don't know, where's somewhere pretty?", "I'd don't know, you live around here", "Yeah but you grew up here" ...

We eventually settled on Allaire State Park.

The village was snow covered, pristine, and except for us and a mother and daughter sledding, empty.

(Well the daughter was sledding, the mom, just watching.)

Just the way I like it.

We fed the titmice and chickadees by hand. To quick to photo though. We tried.

Sure, you hold still now!

There was beauty all about.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

(Can you tell I like snow?)

Not everything was frozen.

Shadows and sparkles.

Should you be inspired to try this for yourself, be aware that the proper footwear is essential to an enjoyable experience.

Have fun!


LauraHinNJ said...


Those feeder birds were a treat... almost like being in an enchanted forest. Next time I'll have a pocketful of peanuts for them.

Julie McLeod said...

That looks like a perfect outing. I have really fond memories of the look of sheer delight on my young son's face when he fed chickadees by hand in a local woods. Quite magical.

All these snowy photos are wonderful and I particularly like the undulating pattern of the snowy field.